Digital Libraries of Basilicata

Between local histories and political conflicts in the Mediterranean of the

Modern Age

The project DiLiBas-MA  (Digital Libraries of Basilicata - Modern Age), Between local histories and political conflicts in the Mediterranean of the Modern age by Paolo Conte, investigates the characteristics of a corpus of transcripts concerning the local histories of the city of Matera, focusing on the role played by mediterraneans circulations. It aims at analyzing the contingent political purposes of this works and the human and intellectual relations of theirs authors. Another research track concerns the study of political mobility from the Kingdom of Naples and its consequences in European history.

The work is carried out as part of a larger project (PON AIM 1849024-1, 2019) dedicated to classification, computer indexing and critical edition of sources in Latin and Italian language related to the cities and territory of Basilicata between the late Middle Ages and the Modern Age, with the collegues Cristina Acucella (DiLiBas-MOL - Digital Libraries of Basilicata - Modern Literature) and Teofilo De Angelis (DiLiBas-MELL - Digital Libraries of Basilicata - Medieval Latin Literature).

The TEI-XML database makes use of the ARACNE database engine, projected by dr. Alfredo Cosco for CAB - Centro di Ateneo per le Biblioteche UNINA. The work is carried out under the direction of prof. Fulvio Delle Donne, Maria Pia Ellero, Francesco Panarelli (University of Basilicata). 

The implementation of Linked Open Data (LOD) was developed within the PNRR Innovation Echosystem «Tech4You - Technologies for climate change adaptation and quality of life improvement», Goal 4.1 «Preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage (tangible and intangible sources) and local identities in Calabria and Basilicata», directed by prof. Fulvio Delle Donne (University of Basilicata).